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chevron's journal

wa-sup-u (watcher support unit)

I r an engineer. To quote Villa Restal of Blake's 7 fame, "It's not just what I do, it's who I am." I design mechanical systems that make buildings nice and comfy and safe to live, work and play in.

I have been in fandom for many, many moons, progressing through Star Trek TOS, Blake's 7, Doctor Who, War of the Worlds, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Total Recall 2070, Wild Wild West, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. I tried and failed to get into Stargate Universe (I tried, really!), then found House MD, White Collar and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, late to the party, I know, but nothing like having seven seasons to inhale at once!). I am a fannish writer and vidder, having written and vidded in a number of the fandoms listed.

I have a weakness for geeky scientists with stunning blue eyes and great chest hair (I married one and I adore one on TV). Can you guess the TV one? Yes! It's the incomparable (who could tolerate more than one!) Rodney McKay PhD, PhD, of Stargate Atlantis, as portrayed by the ever-awesome David Hewlett.

It seems I also have a weakness for geeky librarians of English decent, also having great chest hair, and but possessed of stunning green eyes (complete with amber patch). And while I didn't marry one, I'd have certainly considered it had the opportunity arisen. Easy guess - it is the amazing Rupert Giles, faithful Watcher to Buffy's Slayer, portrayed by the totally wonderful Anthony Head, whose rich voice, incredibly subtle range of expression and soothing warmth can melt me to a puddle of goo before you can say, "I'll need to consult my books!"

My current main fandom is most decidedly BtVS. Though I'm a dedicated slasher, in BtVS, its all about Buffy and Giles for me. I love their relationship and how it grows and changes over the years. Watcher-Slayer, Teacher-Student, Parent-Child, Father-Daughter, Unwavering-unto-death Partners, Friends and Equals, and perhaps Lovers in time (once she's legal, of course :-) ). Their relationship is incredibly rich and complex.

I am also following the Angel & Faith comics, hoping that their attempts at Giles' resurrection will succeed in a believable and positive way. Yes, I know the comics are overseen by Joss Whedon, so call me a fool, but I can always hope. Zombie!Giles was kind of cool for a bit, but I'm definitely ready to have my real Giles back!!

Simmering on my fannish back burner are White Collar, House MD and Merlin, with a lingering love for SGA. In House, I root for House/Wilson, and enjoy all the psychotic interplay between the two - an amazing ongoing examination of friendship. In White Collar, I love Peter for his stalwart honesty and caring. Neal is fine, too, but a bit too much of a "boy" for me, compared to Peter's "man". Their friendship and how each is willing to learn from the other is wonderful. The other thing I love about WC is that here's a cop show where a lead character actually has a mutually loving and supportive relationship with his spouse, and it really works in the show. How often do we get that? As for Merlin, well, it's the Anthony Head factor again - I don't care how old he gets, he'll still have that voice and those moves and those eyes and he'll still be drop dead gorgeous and sexy to me. Oh, and he's also one heck of an actor, of course, as well. In SGA its the magnificently dysfunctional soldier-geek team of John/Rodney, with their incredible closeness and mutual support, despite their attempts to remain distant and snarky, along with their apparent mutual incompatibility.

In the real word, as it were, I enjoy following Mythbusters with a passion. What can I say - they do engineering and sciency stuff (and yes, they do blow things up)! So it's not really a fandom, right? And Jamie and Adam - well, they may not be traditionally beautiful, but they certainly are adorable, separately and together! Science and engineering are sexy - as I always knew! I also try to catch Modern Marvels, How It's Made, How Things Work, Nova and Smithsonian Channel when I can. Got to feed my engineer's soul, after all.

Finally, when I just need to turn off being an adult for a while, the Penguins of Madagascar and Phineas and Ferb do quite nicely. I root for Doof/Perry, and Skipper is my hero, but I suppose I'll always be Kowalski at heart. Blend! Blend! :-)